Let’s face it – spring time in Chicago sucks. Seriously, it does. One day it’s snowing and 35, the next day it’s 75 and sunny. I can’t take the tease of the warm weather anymore and I hate having to keep both boots and flipflops out at the same time. It just becomes depressing.

What’s even more depressing is not being able to go outside after so many long months indoors. There are only so many things we can do before Augie gets bored. Plus, it’s difficult to explain to a toddler that yesterday it was warm out and he didn’t need a coat, but today it’s freezing and he needs boots and a winter coat.

Anyhow, the other day we woke up to the sad realization that it was yet again another cold wet day. To my surprise, instead of sitting around like a bump on a log refusing to play because he has the winter-time blues, Augie actually decided to throw Daddy a birthday party. Although it was a little bit of a mess, it was so adorable to watch that I let him have at it and decorate the dining room, make “pancakes” with “qtips” (apple slices with toothpicks in them), and set the table. I made one of my favorite breakfast dishes and he referred to it as “Daddy’s cake”. We even put candles in it and sang Happy Birthday which, was actually a bad idea because the pancake bake was hot and the candles kind of melted…OPS.


Regardless, the “cake” was still edible so we enjoyed eating it and sitting around the dining room table discussing who came out for the party. Unfortunately, Auntie Jen was sick so she couldn’t make it. Maybe next time she will be well enough to come!

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