This kid’s imagination kills me. We have been spending a lot of time at our condo fixing things and cleaning lately so I suppose that explains why when we got two boxes in the mail that were attached, he turned them into condos for himself and Woodstock.

He decorated the boxes with pictures of our family and a bunny rabbit. He even put house numbers on their respective homes and made a mailbox out of a shoebox. When Daddy came home, he helped Augie finish off the condo look by cutting windows in the back all while making sure that he didn’t cut the drawings Augie had made. <3 <3 Augies_Condos_1Augies_Condos_2Augies_Condos_3Augies_Condos_4Augies_Condos_5Augies_Condos_6Augies_Condos_7

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