He’s a simple guy. Every year I try to buy him all of his favorite things for his birthday (Coke, Cheez-Its, pizza, strawberry milk, and Pabst)…and every year we decorate for him, pick him out a birthday ribbon, and draw him a special birthday chalkboard.

This year, Augie and I combined efforts and made him a Peanuts themed chalkboard. He drew the birthday cake with all the Woodstocks on it and colored in the grass. It’s a challenge to draw with a 4 year old because he keeps trying to erase or draw over the hours of work that I put in…which is only *slighly* frustrating…BUT Daddy loved it, so it was worth it.

The rest of the day turned out great with a small party with our family, pizza, strawberry shortcake, a bonfire, and lots of glow sticks and giggling for the kids. Pretty perfect.

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