Since I’m not great at giving myself kudos, I will keep this short and sweet.

For years, I’ve been reading Click Magazine and drooling over all of the fantastic imagery that’s been featured. I even applied to be a Click Pro many moons ago (before I really knew anything about photography…I was denied). That being said, I was so excited to hear that one of the images I submitted to their Voice Image Contest was a finalist! The image, which I appropriately titled “Pancake People” was submitted on a whim to their “No Place Like Home” category. Not only is it featured on their website, it was also in the print copy of Click Magazine (right next to an image by another photographer I love).

Feels so good to finally have an image published and recognized. I guess my photography career is over now….just kidding. I obviously want to enter more contests now.

Couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy …might want to buy a few more just incase….

Spider Headband and Chalk Drawings
Door County 2020 - Washington Island