So on Christmas Eve I broke my flash, and on Christmas morning I couldn’t find the trigger for the camera so I could take a family photo. Oy.

No worries though, I made sure to include the crappy iPhone pic I took instead….if you were ever wondering why a big camera matters, just take a look at the difference in image quality between all of the photos at the beginning of this post vs the last.

Anyhow though, Christmas morning was super fun. The kids were really loving opening gifts this year and Santa even brought Augie a Nintendo Switch which was pretty much the only thing he has ever wanted for 2 years straight. We had a little debacle filling up the bean bags we bought the kids for Christmas….AKA there was pieces of styrofoam EVERYWHERE….but, everything worked out fine in the end! They loved them (obviously). Look a those two little munchkins. Most adorable kids ever.

Her Fancy Doll House
Kujanski Family Christmas