I love where we live. Most of that is due to the fact that I love that we live close to so many beaches and bike paths – my two favorite things to do in the summer.

Then….COVID came.

For weeks, I stalked the pages of the surrounding towns wondering if there would be any beaches open or pools to take the kids to. We have become quite fond of hoping in the car and going to the beach for a few hours at least a few times a week. Although I could deal with the pools not opening, I was upset that all of our summer plans we waited so long for would be out the window. Not to mention I couldn’t help feeling like this was my last chance to enjoy some time with my big kids doing fun stuff before a year of telling them no because I will have a baby in tow. It didn’t seem fair to them.

After finding out our favorite beach was closed for the summer along with all the pools in our area, I actually searched out some beaches not too far across the border where we could go and spend some time swimming if it came down to it. I also jumped online and booked us a trip to Hilton Head so that we had something to look forward to. Poor Augie kept asking when it would be time to “hit the beach” and if we could just go back to HHI so he could go swimming. Honestly, after being stuck in the house for months, I couldn’t blame him for being so upset.

And then came a bright spot in our COVID stricken lives.

The neighboring town said both of their beaches would be free and open to the public. A very sincere thank you goes out to Lake in the Hills for providing my kids with some summer fun that didn’t require an hour long drive for no reason.

On July 1st, the kids and I drove to one of the beaches to check out the scene and see if it was, in fact, open and to make sure that it wasn’t jam packed with people. To our surprise, there was no one in sight. I have never seen my kids so happy. We rushed home, packed a bag and headed straight back there for some swimming…fearing that a crowd would come shortly after. Thankfully though, we spent a good majority of the day alone at the beach on our own private oasis. It was definitely good for the soul to get out and enjoy life.

First Swim of the Summer
Big Sister Ari