My little guy loves carving pumpkins more than anything in the world. Recently, he started saying that Christmas is his new favorite holiday…but I don’t believe him at all. He couldn’t have been more excited to carve his pumpkin “by himself” this year. Daddy helped him make his drawing into a reality once again which he loved, of course!

Ari ALSO loved carving pumpkins. She picked out a perfectly sized baby pumpkin when we went to the pumpkin farm and happily scooped seeds out of it…and then put them back in. She is hilarious. I love that she carefully studies us to see what we are doing and then tries to mimic us so she can fit in. She even hit her spoon on the side of the bowl to get all the seeds off :).

Make sure you check out the amazing drawings Augie did of Snoopy and Woodstock below. They make my heart happy.

Carving Pumpkins 2017 - The Final Product
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