Kids really do have the best imaginations ever. I sometimes wish I could have an imagination as good as Augie’s, but then I realize I am too old to be able to pretend that my matchbox car is driving to get ice cream on the big car mat (at least not for hours at a time). It is actually more like work to try to make my mind think in such a way, which is really kind of sad.

It makes me happy though to see that Augie has a big enough imagination for both of us. (whew!) Not only that, but he is starting to use it way more often than he used to which is sometimes a nice change of pace because it keeps him busy longer.

A few weeks ago, we were outside and I was trying to clean up the ridiculous amount of leaves when he started pretending that he was building a bird house. We have a lot of random landscaping rocks and such behind our shed so he was going behind there, filling up his wheelbarrow, and bringing them to the other side of the lawn. At this point, he would take some dirt, lay it down, and then place the rocks on top of it in some kid of strange formation. When I asked him what he was doing his response was,”Building a birdhouse, Mommy!”


Incase you couldn’t tell, birdhouse building is serious business. Augie even told me, “It’s just very hard work, Mommy.” Haha.


I love his brain. I just want to bottle it up and keep it this way always.

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Playing In The Leaves