One of our favorite things to do in Door County is go bike riding through the forest preserve. So many good times and memories in these woods. Not to mention, there is soooooo much fall color in there. Worth the ride just for that!

This year, Matt and I decided to bring our own bikes. We used to bike all the time, but after Augie was born we hadn’t had much time. We decided that Door County was the perfect time to go for our first really long ride with him. We got him all bundled up in his sleep sack and vest and set off on our way. Half way through our ride, he fell fast asleep. Cutest little inch worm ever.


He was such a trooper. I think we were riding for at least two hours. On previous rides at home, he had had enough after 15 mins. Sometimes he is such a good guy. Most of the time, actually. Love that sweet face.


During the ride, I played the part of the crazy photographer riding around with only one hand on the handlebars…not really watching where I was going. Probably not the best idea, but hey…I got some sweet pics.


Of course, I wouldn’t have been able to do this with my big lens, but I popped that nifty 50 on and BAM…super light DSLR that I can hold with one hand. Sometimes I just love that lens. It’s kinda nice to step outside the box once in a while and let the lens do the cropping and composition for you. You can get some pretty interesting photos this way!


I just love some of the photos I captured of Matt and Augie during the ride. I kept saying that I would get nicer photos of them on the bike together and whala…here they are.


August just loves the Camel Pack. On the way home from Door County, he played with this for a good hour out of the 5 hours we were driving. True story. If you ever want to entertain an 8 month old…just get yourself one of these.


Yay! We made it! And with 0 crying, always a positive! Best. Baby. Ever.

First Big Boy Bath
Door County 2013