Sometimes in the fall, the light is just WAY too beautiful in the corner of our driveway. This was back in November, but I still remember the moment clear as day. We were getting in the car on our way to the library when I noticed the light shining in. For some reason, the leaves had all decided that THAT MORNING was the best time for them to fall off the trees…at the same time. So, while I grabbed my camera and my kids played in the driveway, leaves started raining down on us like crazy. I wish these photos captured the moment as well as I remember it, but it can never compare. Instead of going to the library, we just stayed and played outside and then I took them to Starbucks and got them some breakfast. Sometimes you just need to ditch your plans and go with the flow.

The best part of the morning? When we came in and Augie said to me “That was the best morning….like…EVER!”

Agreed, little man. Agreed.

Leaf Piles
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