Well, the first day came and went. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for this little dude about whether or not he actually LIKES pre-school. But, on the first day, he couldn’t have been more excited to start school. Hence, the ear-to-ear grins in most of these photos.

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After the first day he claimed to love it so much that he “wanted to go every day!”….but then the next week it was a struggle to get him out the door to even go. Right now he is in the “unsure” phase…but every day when I pick him up he is happy he went because he had fun. We will see what side of the fence he ends up on when the year is through!

In true Mroz Family style…we were running late on the first day which is why Ari is already in her carseat for these photos :). Sorry Ari! Hey, at least we were able to get a family photo in before we left. That’s a win in itself.

Ari - 2 Months Old
Daily Project 2016 - Lego Mansions