Augie. What can I say about him that I haven’t already said. He is such a smart dude and I love his love for learning. In Preschool, when all the kids had to write down what they looked forward to the most in Kindergarten, most of his classmates wrote things like “playing” or “new friends”. Not our kid…he wrote “learning” complete with little pictures of science, math, and reading. He has known how to add since he was 3 and he basically taught himself how to read and write with very little help from us. One day he was reading 3 letter words and the next he was telling me what the street signs around us all say while we drove in the car. There is no stopping him!

Over the summer, I didn’t want these skills to be forgotten so I decided that every day Augie would have to earn his TV time by drawing his “picture of the day”. The picture of the day was supposed to be a drawing of his favorite thing from the day before. Then, he had to write a sentence below explaining the image.

Like most things, the project wasn’t quite what I would consider “ever day”, but he did it when we had time to do so and it helped him improve his writing and creativity over the last few months. He really enjoyed these at first, and the pictures he drew were much more creative and detailed. Eventually, like every kid, he got sick of it at the end and only half did the job each time…but a little is better than nothing, right?

My favorites are in this post (obviously). Me cutting daddy’s hair while they played Battleship together, Augie driving the cars at Santa’s Village with his cousins, Augie playing in the pool at Papa Bear and Grandma Carol’s house, and us riding on the tandem bike together. Some parts of the stories are exaggerated such as the carrot patch we are riding bikes through or the fact that I cut Daddy’s hair while they played a game (really he just drew it too long so he put me there to make it right LOL), but that’s what I love about them! I hope to do this again next summer to see how he’s grown.

The Big Mall
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