We had really good intentions last week of going out and taking some 3 year photos however…things did not go as planned…

I started out the day getting us both dressed. I decided to put Augie in a flannel with a thick sweatshirt over it instead of making him wear his winter coat since it was kind of sunny and warm.

Our plan was simple. I needed to stop at the allergist and then we would be on our way to the park for some quick photos before he played a little. Simple, right?

Of course it wasn’t simple. That would be too easy.

Instead of just getting things done as planned, Augie ended up getting car sick and throwing up all over himself on the way to the doctor which meant that we ended up at a McDonalds washing up in the bathroom on our way.


Needless to say, I was happy that he had that sweatshirt on so I could throw it in my trunk and I didn’t need to go out and buy him some new clothes…but ew…gross.

After that, the photos were kind of spoiled. We took some, but it was too cold out for him to really get into into it in just a flannel. Annnnnddd so, here are what we DID get that day. Hopefully soon the weather and my health will both cooperate at the same time so we can get some better ones. But, at least we squeezed in a few!


Daily Project 2016 - Playing In The Snow
Daily Project 2016 - Woodstock's Bath Day