We decided to sign Ari up for dance class this past winter. Saying she loved it is probably a bit of an understatement. Every time we passed by the building where her class took place she would ask me if it was time to go practice and I don’t think there was one week that went by where I had to force her to go.

I was so happy they decided to let the kids do their recital regardless of the social distancing guidelines that were being put into place at the time. This was the last school event we were allowed to go to before quarantine. The mood of the people was….odd to say the least, but I think every parent was happy to see their kids on stage despite the circumstances since they worked so hard to prepare for their moment on stage.

Surprisingly, Ari loved performing. She spent 90% of the dance sticking her tongue out and waving to us which was great because I was afraid she would get stage fright. Nanie and Papa came to see her dance and she was SO happy to see them when she was done. They even brought her flowers.

I hope we get to do this again soon…you know….when they allow us to leave our homes again. Whenever that may be! It makes me sad to hear her little voice ask about going to dance class because I don’t have any answers for her about when we will be able to sign up again. I just hope that whenever that is, she will enjoy it even more than she already did.

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