It took me 2 months to get around to taking photos of this sweet girl for her 3rd birthday. I did a few in the yard around her actual birthday, but after that time just kept getting away from me or it was too hot/full sun/etc. Finally, I just gave up and took them mid-day in a small strip of shade on a path near our house. They weren’t perfect and someone decided that 3 years was that magical time when she would stop looking at the camera, but they still turned out pretty adorable. Below are some of my favorite phrases this girl said over the last 6 months. She cracks me up.

ARI (while brushing her hair) – “I get all the knots out and boogers out. *pause* Do i look like a princess?”

ARI (to me) – “You like me, daddy likes me and augie likes me….but I dont like you.”

ARI (whenever we tell her she is too little to do something) – “NO! I’M A BIG GIRL NOW!”

ARI – “I love my unicorn, I dont love the flamingo. He’s got silly eyes.”

ARI  (when peeing after swimming) – “Oooooooo my peepee is hot!”

ARI (when we’re playing house) – “I’m the mom, YOU’RE the sweetie…OK?”

ARI *not paying attention*
ARI – “There’s a squirrel?” *turns and looks out the window*

ARI (after putting underwear on) –
“I don’t like udnerpants anymore. THEY GO UP MY CHEEKS!”

ARI – “Mommy, I no like these.
ME – “You don’t like what? Your Nipples?”
ARI – “Ya….I no like my nickels. Why I have these?”

ARI (when she was sick) –
“Mommy, my nose isn’t working!”

ARI – “Mommy – what sound does a unicorn make? Neigh?”

ARI – “The favorite part of my day was picking augie up from school.”

ARI – “EW skunks are stinky, you need to get sprayed with tomato and water.”

ME – “Where’s that squirrel going?” 
“He’s going underground by his parents!”

TOM – “I’ve got your back, Ari!” 
“No! It’s my back!”
TOM – “If mommy and daddy say no, you call uncle Tom.” 

ME – “What should we get Nanie for Christmas?” 
“She wants money!”

ARI (when Augie wasn’t behaving) – “Santa is going to see you!”

ARI – “Penguins cant fly, they have to go on boats.”

ARI – “I just don’t have time! I have to take care of the animals!”

Crystal Lake Beach - The Park
3 Year photos Take One