The last month was a blur. Between my parents anniversary party, work, and planning for vacation, I feel lucky that I at least got out to take these photos of Ari at 3 months on time….because I obviously have not gotten around to editing them until now (she is already 4.5 months old!). Yikes. Taking these monthly pics of Augie was significantly easier…we even had an entire photo shoot as a family when he was 3 months old. That was obviously not happening here. 😉 At least we got her on film! I’m especially thankful to have been able to capture her cute sweater boots for future reference. Can’t forget those!


What a sweet little face! Every day she gets cuter and cuter…and every day her brother smoothers her just a little more than the day before. Finding time to get out to the park to photograph these with both kids was quite the challenge, but it was worth it!

Daily Project 2016 - Fall Randoms
Ari's 3 Month Photos At Home