Oh my gosh, this little girl. So full of spunk and love. She is caring, stubborn, creative, and smart. She pretty much just loves life and people. While Augie is shy and never liked when people talked to him when we were out at the store or playing at the park, Ari goes out of her way to say hello to everyone she sees and make friends with any kid playing in her vicinity (even if she doesn’t know their name). It’s actually an ongoing joke between Augie and me as we watch her play at the park and scoop up new friends like it’s nothing while he plays happily alone. “There she goes again, making friends with random kids.” It’s adorable. To her, every person she sees is an opportunity for a new friend or playmate.

She recently started back up at school and although we were initially worried about whether or not she would be a fast learner or not (because she never seems interested when WE try and teach her), she is thriving, making lots of friends, and soaking it all in. She LOVES going to school and showing us what she did when she comes home and telling us all about what happened that day. Her enthusiasm for life could put a smile on anyone’s face.

She may drive us a little mad with her stubborn attitude about things we have no control over (like when she comes up with elaborate plans to go to the zoo on a Tuesday with all of us and I have to say no and she gets upset), but we love this cute little face and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

This photo shoot pretty much sums up her spunky tude…much better than my words ever could! Love you, Ari girl.

And now, for some funny Ari-isms.

ARI: I just don’t have time! I have to take care of the animals!

ARI: Thanks mom! You’re a genius!

ARI: I just did that last year when I was a baby.

ARI: (pointing at her dimple) See the circle it moves when I move my cheek.

ME: Ari, are you going to be a photographer when you grow up?
ARI: No, I’m going to be a Mommy. Like you!

MATT: Who wants ice cream?
ARI: Me!
MATT: Who’s me?
ARI: Ari wants ice cream!

ARI: Knock knock.
ME: Who’s there?
ARI: Ketchup.
ME: Ketchup who?
ARI: Ketchup does not run though….. It met lots of new friends awwwww

ARI: Mom, if you don’t play with me, I don’t like you anymore.
ME: Well, if you don’t like me, do you think you should go live with a different mom? Maybe you will like her better.
ARI: NO! I CAN’T GO LIVE WITH ANOTHER MOM! ALL THOSE MOMS ARE CRAZY! I’m going to stand right here until you like me.

ARI: Why is my ballon in the garbage!? Maybe daddy used it to wipe his butt.

ARI: Donald Trump has a weird face.

ARI: (when we were trying to decide if we should eat at Red Robin or Five Guys) Who is the Robin and the guys?

ARI: (when I told her no) How can you say no to this cute face?

ARI: You have to pick my food because I love you.

ARI: I’m allergic to socks.


ARI: (talking into the Fire Stick remote) Hey Alexa, I like you and I want you to fix this TV.
ALEXA: I don’t know that.
ARI: But fixing’s your job!
ALEXA: Sorry, I don’t know that.
ARI: Just get me back to my show!
ALEXA: Sorry, I don’t know that.
ARI: It’s a show, duhhhhh.
ALEXA: Sorry, I’m not sure.
ARI: You’re getting hot. Do you want your mom to buy you a slushy?
ALEXA: Sorry, I don’t know that.
ARI: I’m getting tired. Do you have kids?
ALEXA: I’m part of the Amazon Family.

ARI: (pointing at her footie jammies)I got my flipper wet.

ARI: I wrote this message for Jesus. Can u put it in the mailbox with a stamp on it? It says, “I love you.”

ARI: Hey Mama, I’m the one who keeps farting on the garbage can.

ARI: I’m a big fan of dad.

ARI: I’ve gotta fart, I’ve gotta fart, I’ve gotta fart! (runs and farts in her washing machine and then closes it after)

ME: What’s Augie doin’ out there?
ARI: He’s just looking at the beauty, I guess.

ARI: (to Kate up in the treehouse) Kate, you should probably use the telescope to find the kids.

ARI: What day is today?
Me: Sunday.
ARI: Oh, so I can have ice cream?
Me: Why do you think that?
ARI: Because it’s ice cream Sunday.

ARI: Let’s open these chippies! Let’s open these sweet babies!

ARI: You don’t like Doc? She fixes toys….how is that not awesome!?

ARI: I’ve got duck bumps. You know, because I’m cold.

ARI: I don’t look like dad! I don’t have a beard.

ARI: Hi, mom! I had a good dream. We were driving to nanie and papas house and we got stuck in the mud.
Me: Why is that a good dream?
ARI: Because I was just laughing like this – HAHAHAHA!

ARI: Are butts popluar? I’m gonna dress like a butt for a party, or maybe a burger.

ARI: I just chased that squirrel and scared him!
Me: Well thats not nice.
ARI: It’s OK, it wasnt a dad squirrel.
Me: Why does that matter?
ARI: Because daddy squirrels have big muscles!

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