I can’t believe these two are already 5! Of course, they had a Halloween themed party where all of the kids got to go Trick-or-Treating which was awesome because it was 70 degrees that day…and 40 about 5 days later on ACTUAL Halloween. August had a great time going door to door and saying “Trick-Or-Treat”! He is definitely a choc-a-holic.

I attempted to get some cute pics of him in his Halloween costume while we were there, but the darn hood wouldn’t stay up very well so this year our costume was not as big of a hit as last year…Augie mostly just looked like he was wearing a sweat suit. 🙂 BUT, when he did wear the ears it was adorable which is all that matters!


November 2014 - iPhone Photos
Sycamore Pumpkin Festival