We Mrozs are extremely lucky to have family that cares so much about us. It’s not every day that someone’s family throws them a Sprinkle for their second baby.

What is a Sprinkle? Well, it’s a small shower…usually thrown for people who are having a baby of another gender or whom have waited a long time between children to get pregnant again. In our case, Baby Mroz just has a wonderful Nanie and 2 fabulous aunties who wanted to make sure they spoiled Mroz #2 just as much as they did Mroz #1. Thanks to them and their beautiful sprinkle, Baby Mroz is all set for arrival and there are plenty of diapers to cover his/her butt. 😉

Really though, it was the perfect day. Nanie, Auntie Jen and Auntie Lyss cooked up an awesome Sprinkle brunch. There was homemade cheesecake made by Auntie Ruth, and our family came out to show love for the newest member they have yet to meet.


And who could forget the special party Augie threw for the baby after we took down all the decorations. 🙂 I love him and his love for decorating and partying. LOL.


Once again, thank you to everyone who came out, those who couldn’t make it, and to my mom and sisters for all of their hard work. Love you all! We can’t wait for everyone to meet the newest Mroz in a few short weeks!

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