As a moderator for Shoot Along, I sometimes use our weekly lessons as inspiration for my own 365 Project. A few weeks ago, the lesson was “A Day in the Life”. Since I’ve always wanted to do a Day in the Life project and never have, I figured this was the perfect opportunity! Instead of photographing at a certain time interval, I tried to focus on photographing all the important moments in our day (because…photographing my computer screen while I was working every 15 mins probably would have been pretty boring :))

Here it is! A day in the life – Mroz style.

5:30AM – Time for work!

7:30AM – Daddy gets Ari from bed and brings her downstairs.

8:00AM – I feed the kids breakfast.

8:30AM – I take August to Preschool.

8:45AM – We take a little walk by the river after dropping off her brother.

8:50AM – She chases ducks.

8:55AM – We head back to the car.

9:00AM – We head back home.

9:10AM – I get her set up to watch a show while I have my Thursday NAPCP meeting on Skype.

10:00AM – She plays dress-up with her favorite cat glasses.

11:30AM – We pick up Augie from Preschool.

1:00PM – I put Ari down for a nap.

1:15PM – Mail time! I got a cute “just for fun” card from my friend today.

2:00PM – He works on his activity book while I do some work.

3:00PM – He continues to work on his art book for 2 hours….which might be some kind of record regarding attention span.

3:30PM – Ari is up…and asking for snacks as always.

4:30PM – I take the kids for a short walk.

4:45PM – We continue walking.

5:00PM – Headed back to the house because it’s too cold.

5:15PM – He plays this game all the way back home where he uses a stick and makes us pay the toll every 10 feet to get through.

6:00PM – She insists on sitting in her chair and waiting whenever I am in the kitchen making dinner.

6:45PM – Daddy is home.

8:00PM – Augie is STILL working on his art book and shows Daddy all the things he did today. (for real…a record)

8:30PM – Ari is ready for bed.