2018 | 365

This was my first year doing a 365. After two 100 days of 10 projects, I felt I was ready for a bigger and better challenge and I did it! 1 photo every day for an entire year…well, kind of. Just like every project, some days or weeks are better than others. Some days I take many photos, others I only take one or two…and still other days I completely forgot so I used images from a few days before to fill in the gaps. You know what the beauty of a project like this is, though? You can do whatever you want. Also, if you make it to the end of the year with 365 photos and some of those actually include you then I say that’s a win!

For anyone out there wondering if this project is worth doing…it definitely is. Although my favorite thing about it is the memories, there’s also a few other things to consider that are pretty fabulous as well.

1. Taking a photo every day forces you to be creative and see light in new ways, get more creative crops, and find new places to photograph within your home….because you can’t take 365 photos in the same pocket of light every time.

2. If you want to force yourself to try new things – personal projects are the way to do that. I tried a few different editing styles over the past year. When I looked back at my images, there are definitely a set of photos that stand out to me…which is funny because I wouldn’t have guessed at the time that it would be my favorite. But, that’s what experimenting is for.

3. You capture moments of your life that you would have forgotten about. There have been plenty of times this past year when I ran to get my camera to photograph something that the kids were doing or when I took photos with Matt and I when normally I would not have. Sometimes you just need that extra push from a looming project to get the job done.

4. You grow as a photographer. It’s true…my work looks totally different than it did in the beginning of the year. My editing process is faster, my work is more cohesive…it’s just all around a good thing. I can’t wait to see how much I grow this upcoming year as well!

365 for the win!