I’ve finally reached the last day of my #100daysofhimandherpart2 project. It was not a perfect project by any means. Days were missed, photos weren’t perfect, but sharing them forced me to try my best.

After my last project, I thought taking photos of the two of them would be a piece of cake….but it turns out that it was quite the challenge as well. Between school, naps, meals, and other engagments, there were some days when these two weren’t really together at all for a photo. Also, I didn’t want this project to be all photos of them sitting on the couch before bed, so there were times when we just skipped those busy days and moved on to the next.

I will say that after this project and my #100daysofhimandher project, I am SO ready to move on to something a tad less challenging. Last year a 365 seemed completely unattainable, but this year it seems like a piece of cake compared to the last two projects which was my goal, I guess. I look forward to shooting whatever I want every day, experimenting with my camera in different ways, and maybe hopping in the frame once in a while myself. I realize now that after a year of shooting (almost) every day, it is truly important that we do so to stay fresh and also grow in our craft. This year, I am┬áchallenging myself to experiment more with light and composition – two things I think my photos are lacking in.

Stay tuned for some of my favorites on Instagram @dmroz and on my business account @deannemrozphotography!