Congrats if you read through the entire last post. As a reward, here is the more lighthearted version of what happened on our anniversary taken from my Instagram post. Enjoy.

Since we couldn’t get away or go to dinner for our anniversary, we opted for the Portillo’s drive-thru and quickly learned that apparently not having Portillos is every Chicagoan’s nightmare. We left the house a few hrs after the “Shelter-in-Place” order was given, and the line for Portillos wrapped all the way around two parking lots. We got our food after 25 mins of waiting. There was friendly staff through it all and they even gave us giant sized drinks which was great until two of them spilled all over the truck. ‍Don’t worry – we got refills without having to wait another 25 mins….but Matt did spend 45 mins cleaning sticky pop off everything in the front of the cab later so I’m not sure that was any better.

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