“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” ~ Buddha

Being home for three months straight with no where to go and nothing to do was not really how I envisioned we would spend our 10th anniversary…but at least it’s one to remember? I think the quote above perfectly describes my feelings about missing our trip to Palm Springs, not being able to go to dinner or even leave our house to celebrate, and all of the other emotions and craziness surrounding this time in our lives. Does any of that really matter in the grand scheme of things? If being a prisoner in my own home has taught me anything, it’s that the most important things in life have nothing to do with status, money, or “things”. The most important things in life are the relationship we have and (10 years later) I still feel that I am the luckiest and wealthiest girl on Earth with him by my side.

If you gave me the choice between having money and everything I wanted in life vs having what we have now I would choose what we have now over and over again. Why? Because just as the quote states, the riches in my life are many and it has nothing to do with what we have. We live a great life, but 95% of that is due to the love we have for each other and our health. Throughout our marriage we have struggled together through the loss of family members, friends, sicknesses, caring for parents, job loss, financial hardship, and more. The list goes on…as it does for many because that’s what life is made of. None of us are promised a life that is free of pain or difficulty, but what makes our marriage one that I am happy to be a part of every day is knowing that no matter what happens in our lives, he is there. One of the most common phrases used in our marriage (and most people’s marriages I would think) is “Well, we will figure it out. Don’t worry about it.” It’s a simple phrase, really…but yet it says so much. In just a few words, whatever pain, stress, or craziness that has come our way is minimized by the confidence we have in each other’s support and our ability as a couple to get through whatever is thrown our way.

Yes, that includes being quarantined for our anniversary.

Instead of spending our 10th anniversary in Palm Springs living the high life, we stayed home, ate Portillos, and read through a box of emails I printed last minute for Matt from the beginning of our relationship that he didn’t know I still had. It’s kind of amazing to see what kind of change happens over 10 (more like 14…or 17 years if you count our years of friendship) brings.

An Anniversary Story
That Time When We Weren't Quarantined...But Were